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Calico Toy Shoppe – Shashibo Mystic Ocean

The patented, AWARD-WINNING Shashibo fidget box features 36 RARE EARTH MAGNETS for an INNOVATIVE design that transforms into OVER 70 SHAPES. Fits comfortably in the hand for hours of MIND-CHALLENGING fun; STIMULATE the senses with UNLIMITED creative possibility! CAN YOU MASTER THE SHAPE-SHIFTING BOX?

  • COLLECT & CONNECT “ With the strong internal magnet system of our fidget puzzle boxes, you can CONNECT MULTIPLE MAGNETIC CUBES to build even larger structures and SCULPTURES “ for the ultimate SATISFYING magnetic fidget toy and brain teaser.
  • Each magnetic puzzle features 4 UNIQUE, ARTISTIC PATTERNS of vibrant, MESMERIZING artworks, for an ever-changing array of BEAUTY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.For Ages: 8+