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Perennial Vintners – Frambelle Raspberry Dessert Wine


This wine is made from 100% Bainbridge Island raspberries, grown by our next-door-neighbor Akio Suyematsu at the Day Road Farm. It’s somewhat like a port, somewhat like a liqueur. Unfortunately we cannot use either of these terms on the label, so it’s called simply a dessert wine. It’s only slightly sweet with an excellent balance of acidity to keep from being cloyingly sweet like a typical dessert wine.


The name “Frambelle” is our own mishmosh of the French words for raspberry (framboise) and beautiful (belle).


We release it annually at our Valentine’s Day open weekend.


Tasting notes: You’re greeted with stunning fresh raspberry aromas, and on the tongue a touch of sweetness (only 5% RS) with just enough acid to keep it lively. This wine is more like a liqueur at 17% alcohol, so be sure to sip it lightly to enjoy it to the fullest.


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