Bainbridge Island General Store

Mid Winter Tulip Bouquet (individual)

Grown right here in the Pleasant Beach neighborhood, I’m offering (the first-ever?) wintery, island-grown, specialty tulips. This fall, I completed The Tulip Workshop taught by Emily Von Trapp of Von Trapp Flowers and Linda D’Arco of Little Farmhouse Flowers. I’m embarking on a new and exciting venture of forcing tulip bulbs indoors and I cannot wait to share them with my community!



These tulips are all unique: double varieties with layers of that resemble luscious peonies, a fringed variety, and even a parrot tulip with dramatic, colorful petals. I have estimated the week when each variety will bloom, but this is a first-year experiment and Mother Nature is still ultimately in charge at all times. I will send you an email about a week in advance of bloom time. Give yourself or a loved one a rare infusion of springtime color in midwinter! It just might tide you over through our grey, winter days.


Anticipated bloom dates:

First week of January 2023

Last week of January 2023

Valentine’s Day, February 2023


Price includes a small card. You may pickup at my farm stand on Golden Lane (Pleasant Beach Village area.) Local delivery to Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Poulsbo, and Suquamish available for $5.


If you are purchasing this as a gift, please let me know in the order notes.