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  • Plum Catnip Toys

    Plum – Catnip Toys


    These toys are blend of pure Washington State grown non-GMO catnip, with just leaf and flower buds, and added Valerian Root. Cats who don’t react to catnip will react to the Valerian Root, while those who love catnip will enjoy this herbal blend even more!


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  • Plum Face Mask Lanyard

    Plum – Face Mask Lanyard


    These mask lanyards keep your mask clean and handy by using alligator clips that attach to mask ear loops. Using a lanyard minimizes cross-contamination from pockets and handbags.


    Available in multiple colors. Great for adults and kids!


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  • Plum Hamaguri Room Socks

    Plum – Hamaguri Room Socks


    High-quality slipper socks with grips handcrafted in Japan. They feel like cushions for your feet! Very soft, pillowy loops cover the entire inside making for a highly comfortable experience.


    They consist of more than 30% wool so your feet will stay warm, even on the coldest nights. They’re also durable so they won’t wear out, even after many washes and uses. The grips on the bottom help prevent slipping.


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  • Plum Origami Style Face Mask

    Plum – Origami Style Face Mask


    Handmade face mask by a local designer in the origami-style! Super comfortable to breathe in and machine washable.


    100% cotton fabric with contrast inner fabric with soft, adjustable ear loops. Features a flexible wire in fabric for nose, and sealing around bridge of nose prevents glasses from fogging.


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