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  • BI Barkery Bare Bites

    B.I. Barkery – Bare Bites


    B.I. Barkery’s best Selling Treat!


    These are made of 100% all natural beef liver, and known to locals as “doggie crack”. 6oz package.


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  • BI Barkery Bailey's Biscuits

    B.I. Barkery – Bunches & Bunches Bailey’s Biscuits


    Handmade and packaged with care by Bunches & Bunches Ltd. in Portland, OR. 100% Natural. Handmade. No Preservatives.


    Ingredients: whole wheat flour, cracked wheat, chicken broth, all-purpose flour, wheat germ, cornmeal, powdered dry milk, water, egg, butter, honey, yeast, and bunches and bunches of love.


    Net Weight 2.2 Lbs.


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  • BI Barkery Puppycake Mix

    B.I. Barkery – Puppycake Mix


    Give your dog B.I. Barkery’s best special occasion treat!


    Your dog can have their own birthday cake for dogs, or make dog cupcakes with Puppycake Mix for dogs. These dog birthday cakes come complete with frosting so you can have a dog bakery at home!


    Puppycake Mix is wheat-free and comes in four different flavors – carob, banana, red velvet, and pumpkin and makes 1 cake or 8 cupcakes for each package.


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  • Plum Catnip Toys

    Plum – Catnip Toys


    These toys are blend of pure Washington State grown non-GMO catnip, with just leaf and flower buds, and added Valerian Root. Cats who don’t react to catnip will react to the Valerian Root, while those who love catnip will enjoy this herbal blend even more!


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  • Z Bones Buffalo Squeaker Dog Toy

    Z Bones – Buffalo Dog Toy


    A 9″ baby-soft plush squeaker toy for comforting companionship!


    Inspired by the great outdoors so that your pup can bring the fun indoors. The squeaker is sewn into a separate pouch and stitched into the seam for extra protection.


    Ideal for medium and large dogs who love to cuddle and snuggle. Machine wash and dry for easy cleanup.


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  • Z Bones Dog Food

    Z Bones – Venison Dog Food


    A naturally delicious choice to ensure your dog keeps up with life’s adventures!


    The venison dog food from Ziwi Peak is air-dried and ideal for all dog breeds. Loaded with free-range venison, ethically raised on pastures of lush and native grasses in the remote valleys of New Zealand’s South Island.


    Made with no preservatives, sugars, or glycerides, Ziwi Peak food is safe, clean to handle, and a nutritious alternative to a raw diet.


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