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  • Bengal Tree Robe

    The Bengal Tree – Kalamkari Robe


    These beautiful cotton robes are made in India using plant based dyes. They have pockets, and the contrast printing is especially lovely.


    The artisans use two traditional art forms to make these garments – hand weaving and hand block printing. The fabric is printed in Southern India using “kalamkari” – a block printing style that uses the natural dyes and wooden blocks to set the initial design, then the artisans hand paint in the details.


    Made of 100% cotton and machine washable. We recommend a cold water wash on gentle and hang to dry.


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  • Bengal Take Root Tee

    The Bengal Tree – Take Root T-Shirt


    This tee is made in the USA from recycled plastic and organic cotton. The calming words ‘Take Root’ accompany the root chakra, the words and image are in vibrant red on a dark grey background.


    50% recycled plastic-from plastic beverage bottles) 50% Organic cotton


    Soul Flower creates fun and soul-soothing clothing using organic cotton, recycled and natural fibers, and low-impact dyes. Their clothing is produced using ethical and sustainable practices. It is made in the USA or imported from companies that participate in fair trade practices.


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