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  • Amelia Wynn Holiday Wine Gift Box

    Amelia Wynn – Holiday Wine Gift Box


    For the Holidays Amelia Wynn Winery is offering a Holiday Wine Gift Box that includes one bottle each of their 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Heart of the Hill Vineyard Red Mountain and their 2019 Barrel Fermented & Aged Albarino from the Crawford Vineyard Yakima Valley.


    Accompanying the wines are four delightful selections of Persimmon Pate de Fruit (fresh persimmon candy rolled in sugar), Peruvian Alajores Sandwich Cookies (vanilla scented shortbread with cinnamon-steeped dulce de leche filling), Panforte (fruitcake of Sienna), and Candied Mix Nuts of Spanish Marcona Almonds and Pecans.


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  • Wellness Immunity Tea Bainbridge Apothecary and Tea

    Bainbridge Apothecary & Tea – Wellness Immunity Tea


    A Bainbridge Apothecary and Tea House Blend to help boost the immunity system and ease the duration of a cold or flu. Lightly sweet peppery with notes of citrus licorice.


    Ingredients: Ginger, Tulsi Holy Basil, Cinnamon, Anise, Orange and Apple pieces, Star Anise, Pink peppercorns, Orange slices, Safflower petals.


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  • Bruciato Black Manhattan

    Bruciato – Black Manhattan




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  • Bruciato Gift Card

    Bruciato – Gift Card


    The cuisine of Campania inspired by the Pacific Northwestern bounty.


    Bruciato Pizzeria features hand-made dough, house-cured meats, seafood, and farm-direct seasonal produce put together in their wood-fired oven at one thousand degrees.


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  • Bruciato To Groni

    Bruciato – To-Groni


    The To-Groni: Bruciato’s classic Negroni made to-go. Simply pour over ice to serve!


    Made with Gin, Campari, vermouth rosso, and cherry. Must show ID and purchase with a meal.


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  • Churchmouse Winter Tea

    Churchmouse Yarns & Teas – Winter Tea

    Made especially for Churchmouse by master teamaker Steven Smith, Churchmouse Winter is a rich, straightforward blend of selected Yunnan, Assam, and Ceylon with a hint of summer fruit that brightens with a touch of sugar or honey. But at Churchmouse’s insistence, it’s not too fruity to take milk.


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  • Fletcher Bay Winery Gift Card

    Fletcher Bay Winery – Gift Card


    Fletcher Bay Winery is a boutique winery born out of a passion for winemaking and a love for the community with two locations on Bainbridge Island.


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  • Fletcher Bay Winery Girlfriend Gift Box

    Fletcher Bay Winery – Girlfriend Gift Box


    Gift box includes a bottle of Rose All Day, Fletcher Bay Winery wooden gift box, pink wine opener, glass tumbler imprinted with Rose All Day, and a 2-for-1 tasting card.


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  • Fletcher Bay Winery T Shirt

    Fletcher Bay Winery – T-Shirt


    T-Shirt from Fletcher Bay Winery, a unique boutique winery located on Bainbridge Island.


    Available in black, sizes Sm-2XL. Please note your size choice in notes of order.


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  • Wildernest Pint Glass

    Wildernest – Pint Glass


    Enjoy your favorite beverage from Wildernest’s custom BPA-free, dishwasher safe, durable, squishable silicon pint glass.


    Side one features the Wildernest logo and side two has the outline of Bainbridge Island. Available in forest green, translucent white, and tie-dyed.


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