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Haven – Shibori Eye Pillow

Soothe your senses and unwind with these soft cotton, hand-dyed, shibori-style eye pillows designed for Haven. Their gentle weight will help regulate your nervous system, promoting relaxation and restoration. Eye pillows are great for helping you fall asleep faster, calm your nerves, soothe tired eyes, reduce eye puffiness, or relieve headaches and migraines.

Haven’s eye pillows come with an inner-filled lining and an outer, washable shell. They can be used at room temperature, chilled in the freezer, or heated up depending upon what type of comfort you need.

Each eye pillow is unique. Variations are to be expected.

– 10″ x 4”
– Pale green-blue base, over-dyed with indigo
– Inner filled lining with a washable outer shell

Choose from:
– Organic Flaxseed and Lavender
– Organic Millet and Rosemary
– Organic Wheat Berries and Rose
– Unscented Millet, Flaxseed, or Wheat Berries

– Lavender promotes relaxation, supports sleep, and may alleviate insomnia
– Rosemary promotes relaxation, improves memory and circulation
– Rose enhances and elevates your mood, supports grief, and helps relieve headaches.

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